Friday, April 27, 2012



タイトなブーンバップ、メロウな歌ものからバウンシーな変態エレクトリックまでこなすロックワイルダーは青い目をしたビックボーイ。インダストリーの内部を暴くTrue Donことロックワイルダー!!!『黒い音楽ってゆう言葉は曖昧だし好きじゃない。James Brownも実は日系だしね。でも、ロックワイルダーのビート...これが所謂、”黒い”ってヤツかもしれない。自分がいつもかける必殺飛び道具、JAY-ZのNYMPも彼のシットだ。SALUTEしかない。

StatikやJimi Kendrixも来てたし、熱い夜でした。BIG S/O to The Cresto!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Historical Geography

 What's shaking playboys and playgirls y'all, did you hear our soundcloud? Long time no see, it's the beginning of Enigma of 3. Stay tuned. Anyway, I have a topic to tell you about Queens as Space Colonyza #009. He's my boy always chillin at LICK NYC, check his hoodei logo. When people ask me "Where do you live?" I always say "In Astoria" but I didn't know the true thing. The history of Long Island City is the history of its change. The two most important themes. One, it's location and history have separated it from the rest of Queens, linking it strongly to Brooklyn and Manhattan. Two, it's history and current development are tied to transportation resources (subways, railyards, bridges, and tunnels). The area was home to Algonquin-speaking Native Americans who navigated the East River by canoe and whose trails would later become roads like 20th Street in Astoria. In the early 20th century, Long Island City became even more accessible with the opening of Queensboro Bridge, Hellgate Bridge, and the subway tunnels. These important transportation links encouraged further industrial growth, defining the area for the rest of the century. Even residential Astoria didn't escape the industrial transformation as power plants opened up along the northernmost bank of the East River. By the 1970s, the decline of manufacturing in the United States was evindent in Long Island City. Though it still remains a major industrial area in NYC, LIC's recent genesis as an artistic and cultural center started in 1970 with the opening of PS1 in a former public school. Since then Artists escaping Manhattan prices and then Brooklyn prices have established studios throughout Long Island City. Frankly speaking, we are living in Long Island City. Check a manhole in Astoria, there's word "LONG ISLAND CITY" before babylon system devided. We are L.I.C.K.S aka LONG ISLAND KLEANERS.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Found PURPLE PHASER in Astoria. Watts chops up the choruses where you would expect and barely touches the faders or phasers, but with his announcement "this one goes out to all the smokers and drinkers man," don't expect anything but a intoxicated party anyway. 


MY SH*T!! S/O to Prince Paul.



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Wednesday

Kraqshake is here to share our light with the world, from west Indians to Japanese. I want set hip hop free ,won't u people set it free, i know that we all concede, don't destroy it for our seeds.