Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Gas Leaks!!!

My man DJ Soko, Apollo Brown and Journalist 103 are "The Left"-the hip hop group based on Detroit city.
Journalist 103 on the mic, Brown handles beats, DJ Soko on the 1s and 2s.
I tried to understand
Journalist 103's lyrics and checked web mag like Hip Hop Dx. The rhymes on this vinyl seem to be largely about Detroit's grit and the uncompromising grime that roots Hip Hop.
And my hero Apollo's robust instrumentals are really awesome... I mean he's tight and soulful production workhorse. Actually I already got these songs 1 year ago from Soko.
We really were looking forward to get analog LP of Gas Mask(smoked gray colored!!!) and saying what's up in this city.
I was chagrined at not doing first plan we decided--making beats with them at my crib.
And my precious thang was reunion with Soko. He's nice, yea he has a good sense of Hip Hop, they succeed important thing as Detroit city. I really respect them.
Anyway their live showcase was super dope and that brought Kraqs back to their world. There were Dres, Diamond District, Rah Digga, Nottz, Asher Roth(!), Big Pooh, Chip-Fu(Fu-Schnickens), The Lost Boyz, The Legion, UMC'S, Moe Green and more...
The benefit I got from cmj was encounter with Gangrene. We smoked cali kush, drank beer, and listen music...that made me serious. Yo me, gotta strive to to improve my beats cause it is less attack, bass is weak and some positions are not beautiful, I think it's serious. Their progressive and new beats are obviously dope in this game. It's true. Kraqshake does it better. That's it. Thank you Arigato Alchemist & Oh no!!!

デトロイトの気鋭のINDIE RAP GROUP!!!

CHIP-FU's freestyle
Big Pooh!!!!!!!!!
Asher Roth & Nottz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rah Digga!!!!
Black Sheep!!!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Musical Marathon

CMJ gets bizeee!!!
Duck Down and Black Smith faced off in La Poisson Rouge with tough guys. Although I frequently hang out at the LPR with great music, I didn't know that situation like that lol so moved to Sutra to see Statik (was obviously dope).

I really thought about recent music--in particular how old schoolers brand-new tunes affects all of the people who like flavors of raw-dope era's hip hop music--- I hate conservatism. Is hiphop still evolved by self-purification? I tried to find out at the beat battle presented by iLLMIND at Katra was nice time. After Fresh Daily's tight rap show case, I could listen to Buckwild's brand new beats---his new beats is future.
Anyway CMJ blessed me. Salute to Gangrene!!! Thank you Alchemist and Oh No!!!

CMJといって毎年、映画祭と音楽祭が合わさったかなり大掛かりな祭がNYの様々なクラブやライブハウスで行われます。それと同時期にデカいレコードショウもあり、いつも以上に激しく一週間が過ぎて行きました。TALIB KWELIのBLACKSMITHと、DUCK DOWNとの合同イベント等もあったんですが、人がいっぱいで入りきらなくて、途中でSTATIKの回すSUTRAに移動したり、賑わっておりヤス!!

デトロイトからマイメンのDJ SOKO, APOLLO BROWNもNY入り。
FRESH DAILYのタイトなライブの後、
ウワサによるとFAT JOE用とか。。



Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trembling beats!!

Too mad kicks hit me all night long. Living in the other side of world though he is, Harvey is the one of my favorite dj. I feel like something atmospheric in his groove. Of course his set was all vinyl. Dope tracks fascinate with clouds in space echo.
I love it like this anyway lol
”Searching SOMETHING for hip hop and being fresh”
I gotta go dope jam and halcyon to get new future shyt.

I would like to thank Thomas for everything, you the man.

Below is an awesome glasses with me and Thomas.
Spun,Thugfucker, Andi Hanley were also nice. See you guys again.
I'm looking forward to go next secret party in les.



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