Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Musical Marathon

CMJ gets bizeee!!!
Duck Down and Black Smith faced off in La Poisson Rouge with tough guys. Although I frequently hang out at the LPR with great music, I didn't know that situation like that lol so moved to Sutra to see Statik (was obviously dope).

I really thought about recent music--in particular how old schoolers brand-new tunes affects all of the people who like flavors of raw-dope era's hip hop music--- I hate conservatism. Is hiphop still evolved by self-purification? I tried to find out at the beat battle presented by iLLMIND at Katra was nice time. After Fresh Daily's tight rap show case, I could listen to Buckwild's brand new beats---his new beats is future.
Anyway CMJ blessed me. Salute to Gangrene!!! Thank you Alchemist and Oh No!!!

CMJといって毎年、映画祭と音楽祭が合わさったかなり大掛かりな祭がNYの様々なクラブやライブハウスで行われます。それと同時期にデカいレコードショウもあり、いつも以上に激しく一週間が過ぎて行きました。TALIB KWELIのBLACKSMITHと、DUCK DOWNとの合同イベント等もあったんですが、人がいっぱいで入りきらなくて、途中でSTATIKの回すSUTRAに移動したり、賑わっておりヤス!!

デトロイトからマイメンのDJ SOKO, APOLLO BROWNもNY入り。
FRESH DAILYのタイトなライブの後、
ウワサによるとFAT JOE用とか。。