Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Gas Leaks!!!

My man DJ Soko, Apollo Brown and Journalist 103 are "The Left"-the hip hop group based on Detroit city.
Journalist 103 on the mic, Brown handles beats, DJ Soko on the 1s and 2s.
I tried to understand
Journalist 103's lyrics and checked web mag like Hip Hop Dx. The rhymes on this vinyl seem to be largely about Detroit's grit and the uncompromising grime that roots Hip Hop.
And my hero Apollo's robust instrumentals are really awesome... I mean he's tight and soulful production workhorse. Actually I already got these songs 1 year ago from Soko.
We really were looking forward to get analog LP of Gas Mask(smoked gray colored!!!) and saying what's up in this city.
I was chagrined at not doing first plan we decided--making beats with them at my crib.
And my precious thang was reunion with Soko. He's nice, yea he has a good sense of Hip Hop, they succeed important thing as Detroit city. I really respect them.
Anyway their live showcase was super dope and that brought Kraqs back to their world. There were Dres, Diamond District, Rah Digga, Nottz, Asher Roth(!), Big Pooh, Chip-Fu(Fu-Schnickens), The Lost Boyz, The Legion, UMC'S, Moe Green and more...
The benefit I got from cmj was encounter with Gangrene. We smoked cali kush, drank beer, and listen music...that made me serious. Yo me, gotta strive to to improve my beats cause it is less attack, bass is weak and some positions are not beautiful, I think it's serious. Their progressive and new beats are obviously dope in this game. It's true. Kraqshake does it better. That's it. Thank you Arigato Alchemist & Oh no!!!

デトロイトの気鋭のINDIE RAP GROUP!!!

CHIP-FU's freestyle
Big Pooh!!!!!!!!!
Asher Roth & Nottz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rah Digga!!!!
Black Sheep!!!!